The bay of Salalah lies midway along the southeast-facing coast of the Arabian peninsula, 50 kilometres from the Yemeni boarder on the coast of Oman. Here the deep water basin of the Arabian sea reaches closer to the shoreline than at any other point along the 1500 kilometre length of the Arabian coast.

Three hundred kilometres offshore the mid ocean ridge runs parallel to the coastline, continuing up and along the length of the Red Sea where the continents of Africa and Asia are slowly drifting apart, riding on their tectonic plates.

The climatic and oceanographic conditions found in the Salalah (Dhofar) area make it one of the top relatively ‘undiscovered’ fishing destinations in the world.

Until recently few game fishing operators have been able to successfully establish themselves in this area due to the poor infrastructure and lack of facilities, especially marinas. Tour operators have to register their clients with the harbor authorities in order to board the boats in the commercial port and there were restrictions on where the boats could go and fish. This is all now changing very rapidly.
At the newly constructed Salalah Beach Resort there is now a brand new 300 berth marina with all amenities open to the public. Further up the coast at Mirbat there is a similar marina under construction which will give anglers direct access to the incredible fishing grounds, sea mounts and remote Islands where big game fish abound.

New fishing charter operators are already lining themselves up to take advantage of the expected boom in the game fishing activities in the area. Salalah is of course a big and important sea port for southern Oman and close offshore numerous freighters, tankers and other ships are often to be found waiting at anchor. These huge floating structures attract no end of baitfish and huge shoals of small Dorado. Near the shallow waters of the harbour Kingfish and black-tipped Trevally are abundant. Salalah is also famous for its large Giant Trevally, Amberjacks and Dorado. For seven months of the year Salalah is in fact a paradise for the adventurous game fisherman. Unfortunately as the summer draws closer, the south-western monsoon kicks in, putting an end to all game fishing in the area. Dense fog banks, caused by the cold-water upwellings make navigation at sea a very risky business and it normally isn’t until mid October when the boats are brought out again for the next seasons action.


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